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Saving on fuel costs!

While on the road or when planning for a new trip, finding the best and most cost-effective routes can be difficult. As a DKV customer you have access to convenient cost-saving tools, making planning a lot easier!


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With DKV MAPS you are able to find fuel stations with DKV acceptance throughout Europe, simply by typing in your location and the range in which the stations should be displayed.

With the filter functions you are able to select particular stations; you can filter on fuel type, station brand, country, services offered and much more. You can even choose to display only the stations that are in close range to the motorway!

Route planner

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An additional feature of DKV MAPS is its route planner. Routes can easily be customized by indicating your point of departure and your destinations. All stations on your routes will be shown including average prices (if available) and you can select specific vehicle criteria so that an ideal route can be calculated. Once the route is set, you can see what the estimated total costs and CO2 -emissions will be.

Price analyzer

Wherever your trip may take you, finding the cheapest fuel station is a matter of seconds when you use DKV Maps. Just select your intended refueling destination and arrange the stations according to fuel prices. The price analyzer also allows for analyses over a longer period.

With a simple click on the station you can even find out about the services they offer and their average prices during the last 30 days, to compare them with the national average.

So before planning your next trip, have a look at our website! Are you missing any functions? We are always looking for ways to improve our tools, so please let us know!

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