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FAQ Belgium Toll

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  1. Is it possible to use an existing box to pay for the Belgium Toll?

It is not possible to use the Satellic box for other uses than the Belgium Toll, neither is it possible to pay for the Belgium Toll with already existing toll boxes. This means that if your vehicle is 3.5t or more and driving in Belgium starting April 2016 you will need the Satellic toll box. All the latest information confirm this, the organization Satellic also supports this on their website http://bit.ly/1jTbraF.

Of course we get the frustration in the market and we too are in favour of a European standard system (known as EETS). However, right now, the Belgium Toll box is issued by one service – and one service only.

  1. Can you get a ticket at the border or do you need a toll box?

Yes a toll box is needed, there are no possibilities to pay for the Belgium Toll without the use of a toll box. The Belgium government has already announced that there will be several controls for driving without an OBU (On Board Unit) and fines can lead up to €1.000,-. Therefore it is very important to get your box on time. Fines that high are just not worth the risk.

  1. What vehicles are exempt from paying toll?
  • Vehicles used solely for and by defense, civil defense, fire and police departments, and which are recognizable as such;
  • Vehicles which are specially and exclusively equipped for medical purposes and which are recognizable as such;
  • Farm, horticultural and forestry vehicles that are used only to a limited extent on public roads in Belgium and which are used solely for agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and forestry.

These exemptions are published on the website of Satellic, if you are not sure whether you are exempts then you can always contact us and we will do our best to find out.

  1. Why is the Belgium Toll being introduced?

We realize a new toll means new costs for our customers and the sector, this is one of the reasons why we want to make sure our customers have an easy change to this new system without administrative hassle. The Belgium government introduced the new toll system and will use the money to improve the infrastructure. The main motivation being that over 4 million trucks go through Belgium every year.

If you have any other question or comments feel free to let us know by replying to this article or on one of our other social media channels.

We want to make sure our customers get their boxes on time and are well informed. If anything changes regarding the above mentioned situations we will let you know and keep you informed!

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  1. Hi, how much is the fine per km if not using the toll box? For example if a truck driver forgot to turn on the toll box.

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