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Leverink drives with DKV BOX EUROPE: “We very much wanted to be one of the first”

About a year ago, transport firm Leverink was one of the forerunners in the Dutch transport industry for using the DKV BOX EUROPE. After using this on-board for over a year, Leverink now shows himself a contented user.

“Initially there was some teething trouble and, in spite of elaborate software testing, some of the initial problems still occurred by the end of 2019,” Jan-Willem Aykens, account manager at DKV, explains.

“But it takes two to work things out,” says Martijn Hekkink of Leverink Transport B.V. “We wanted to be one of the first to use this toll box. In that case you accept that things may not be running perfectly, and we had occasional problems in the beginning. But now, one year later, we have no complaints at all about the functioning.” A major update in February 2020 solved the software problems,” says Aykens, “and the DKV BOX EUROPE has been super stable from then on.”

Rijssen, prominent transport town

Leverink Transport is based in Rijssen, in the Dutch province of Overijssel; a true transport town according to Martijn Hekkink. This explains why they are not the only DKV customer in the region. “When a company is satisfied with a certain provider it will recommend this provider to other firms. Then it’s just a matter of time for the others to contract this provider as well!”

Transferring to another provider was no option for them, even when the new OBUs took a little longer to arrive. At the time, new boxes could not be ordered until the new vehicle registration number was available. DKV now solves this problem by sending ‘blank’ OBUs in advance. Leverink now only needs to pass the new truck registration number on to DKV, after which DKV assigns it to the blank OBU within one working day, which saves time.

This solution works well for both parties, pending the future possibility for hauliers to assign registration numbers to OBUs themselves. Martijn Hekkink expresses his full confidence in DKV and its DKV BOX EUROPE: “If we are comfortable with a partner we like to keep it that way. I very much have this feeling with DKV. Their account managers are friendly and always ready to help. And if other things should turn out to be awkward I know they will go all lengths to work everything out for us. That’s worth a lot.”

Leverink operates almost eighty trucks, especially in the Benelux countries, Germany, Austria and France, countries that are all supported by DKV BOX EUROPE. All trucks are equipped with just one OBU for toll payment and DKV also supplies the company’s fuel cards.

“Although obviously it is interesting financially to work together with Leverink and other companies,” says Jan-Willem Aykens, “it is convenience that comes first. Especially East-European trucks are often seen with windscreens framed with a multitude of toll boxes. This now has passed, thanks to DKV BOX EUROPE. And to find all this specified in just one bill, readily available for on-line inspection in just one portal, that in itself means a lot to many hauliers.”

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