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Electric driving: sustainable on the road with these 6 tips

With electric cars able to go further and further, and public charging points along the way increasingly common, no one really needs to worry about an empty battery on the road anymore. Smart apps help EV drivers navigate Europe quickly and easily. Yet it is nice for the wallet and the mood to be able to drive for as long as possible without having to recharge. Bas Bullens eMobility expert at DKV Mobility shares 6 tips on how to drive more sustainably and smartly with your electric car.

  1. Choice of electric car

Do you want to drive sustainably and use as little energy as possible? Then choose a car that is really economical. The difference can be more than 50 per cent. Electric cars are large consumers of electricity, so the first step is to choose a fuel-efficient EV. It’s not just the car that affects consumption, the driving style does too.

  1. Drive relaxed

The range of an electric car decreases exponentially the faster you drive. That means it’s best to slow down to get more miles from the battery. It’s best to drive around 100 kilometres per hour on the motorway and anticipate the traffic. Save on your energy consumption by decelerating on the engine (regenerative braking). Some cars also have an ECO mode. This also makes driving much more relaxing and saves electricity.

  1. Check your tyre pressure

It’s one of the best known tips to save fossil fuel, and of course it also works for electric cars. A car with weak tyres has more resistance on the road, and therefore needs more energy to move forward. Therefore, regularly check that your tyres are still at the right pressure.

  1. Constant heating

The changeable weather often causes drivers to turn on the heating. Attention: it costs much more electricity to switch the heating on, off and on again than it does to keep it on at a lower, constant temperature. Another option: use seat and steering wheel heating.

  1. Minimise fast charging stations

In the long run, it is smart not to charge too often at fast-charging stations. Of course they are useful for ’the last kilometres’ or for long distances, but super-fast charging is not as good for battery life. In addition, the costs for fast charging are often double what you normally pay at a regular charging station. Charging at work is often the cheapest solution!

  1. Keep the battery level between 20 and 80 per cent

Fully charging a battery is only a good plan if you have to drive really far and cannot stop to recharge in between. Charging a battery to 100 per cent every time is not good for the degeneration of the battery (loss of capacity). Draining the battery completely will have the same effect, so always try to keep it between 20 and 80 percent. This is especially important when the car is parked for longer periods of time.

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