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Meet Graham, the only person that can survive any car crash

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Australia is raising awareness for our vulnerability in traffic. We are not designed to withstand the potential injures that can be sustained during motor vehicle accidents. The TAC started a project together with artist Patricia Piccinini, surgeon Christian Kenfield and road safety expert David Logan to visualize what our bodies would look like in order to be able to survive a car crash.


Graham 2
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Meet Graham, slightly unattractive, but highly functional in any car crash. His chest has been enlarged in order to protect his lungs and heart, he does not have a neck and his face is flat and fat in order to protect his nose and ears. Also the lower part of his body has been modified; his knees can bend 360 degrees and he has enlarged feed, the skin of his body is thicker and more robust allowing for better resistance against impacts.

The (slightly disturbing) sight of Graham shows just how vulnerable we are to car crashes and that we should be taken precautions when moving in traffic.

You can meet Graham in person in Australia, in his current residence the State Library of Victoria, if this is to far away, then just say hello online.

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