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Avoid maximum tariff for French toll!

The highest tariff is often Unnecessary paid at toll stations on the TIS-PL toll network, especially at the toll station n°6 „Aire de l’Adour Nord“ on the motorway A65 (Alienor). There is a simple way to avoid these charges.

When you enter the motorway at the station n°6 and wants to make a stop at the service station “Aire de l’Adour” (see map below), you should not leave the motorway via the same toll station, unless you enter and leave within 15 minutes:

  • You will be charged with a TLPC (maximal rate) if it takes more than 15 min to enter and exit.
  • You will be charged with a TLMC (minimum rate) if it takes less than 15 min to enter and exit the motorway.

TIS PL highest tariffs








Consequences & Advice:

There will be no reimbursement from the motorway company for vehicles making this mistake repeatedly and claiming the TLPC.

Advice: We recommend to leave the motorway using the next toll stations.

Good to know: The journey between the toll stations 6 and 7 is free as long as it takes less than 30 min to drive it.

For more tips you can visit our FAQ on our website or get in touch with us!


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