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Leading charge point operators plan roaming agreement in the Nordics and UK

Leading charging solutions providers sound the bell for open standard for charging networks for electric vehicles and promote the transition to e-mobility

A group of Europe’s leading smart charging solutions providers have today signed a letter of intent pledging to open their networks for drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) in the Nordic countries through a roaming partnership by the end of 2019. Initiators of this initiative to open up their charging infrastructure are Allego, EVBox and NewMotion. Together with Charge4Europe, Chargemap and ChargePoint they want to make a statement on how easy access to charging infrastructure will help improve the switch to e-mobility for drivers in the Nordic countries and the UK.

When implemented, the agreement will mean EV drivers in the region only require a single subscription to access public charging stations operated by any of the signatories. In addition to accepting each other’s subscribers, the operators will share charging station information so data can be used to improve the charging experience for customers. This will make it easy for EV drivers to see where and if a charge point is available for charging and what a charging session will cost at the specific charge point.

Important step forward for EV charging

This letter of intent represents a significant step forward for public charging infrastructure in the Nordic countries and the UK, which currently trails behind other European markets in terms of interoperability agreements. Currently, EV drivers need memberships to multiple different operators to be able to fully access every available public charge point.

Better user experience through roaming

When roaming for charging infrastructure becomes more accessible, drivers will have a choice in which mobility service provider (MSP) company they want to use. Drivers will be able to pay for their charging session with one single subscription via their app or token and all payments of the provider will be collected on one bill. Companies will be able to manage all their billing, settlement and reimbursement automatically with one organisation.

General access to charge points across Europe that are independent of the operators are the key factor to success of European e-Mobility. That is why we are pleased to be part of this initiative.‘‘ says Christopher Schäckermann, Managing Director Charge4Europe.

The agreements between charge point operators are based on the Open Charge Point Interface, a standardized and open-source protocol that is commonly used in the charging industry in Europe. The initiators of this letter of intent also welcome other interested charge point operators and mobility service providers to participate in this initiative.

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