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Products and Services

DKV has been Europe’s market leader for cash-free service en route for many years. As a best-in-class service provider, we supply smart solutions for goods and passenger road transport.

DKV CARD: Your fuel card to the largest supply network in the industry

With the DKV CARD you have access to more than 55.000 acceptance point all over Europe. The card can be used to pay for a large range of products such as different types of fuel and tolls. All your purchases will be billed in one clear invoice, that can be used to reclaim foreign VAT. For more information you can visit our website.

DKV On Board Units

With the DKV BOX SELECT you can settle toll systems in France, Spain, Portugal and it can be used for the Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium and the Warnor and Herren Tunnels in Germany.

Next to our own DKV BOX solutions you can settle the toll in numerous countries within Europe. For an overview of our toll services you can go to Toll services per country.

Flexible VAT refunding through DKV

Foreign companies operating in all EU-countries and Norway may have their foreign VAT on goods and services refunded. DKV Euro Service takes the full handling of your VAT refund applications out of your hands, even including VAT on invoices not originating from DKV.

For our other products and services such as the DKV APP, eREPORTING and a route planner go to

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