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Corporate social responsibility in an ever changing environment

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Companies increasingly aim to have a clear Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and demand this of their suppliers as well. A CSR strategy not only results in a better planet, it also leads to a competitive advantage. There are many different ways to take responsibility. Compensating CO2 emission is one way but actually reducing or eliminating is even better. What solution suits your company best? And where to start?






Compensating emission

For organisations operating in transport & logistics, one element of their Corporate Social Corporate Responsibility strategy should be about compensating CO2 emissions. Over the past few years many organizations and initiatives have emerged that can compensate CO2 emissions, rewarding you with a certificate of commitment. These organizations compensate the CO2 emissions financially, using the money for projects such as the creation of biogas or building solar cookers in developing countries. At DKV we offer our customers the DKV CARD CLIMATE. This is DKV’s climate neutral fuel card, allowing your fleet to drive 100 percent CO2-neutral. DKV Euro Service cooperates with myclimate to provide you with a certificate to display the commitment outwardly while myclimate invests an additional amount into certified climate protection projects.

Reducing emission

Compensating emission is one thing but reducing and eventually eliminating emission is even better. After all, prevention is better that the cure. One of the easiest ways to make a change is eco driving. ECOWILL, an organization that has carried out research into fuel-efficient driving, set 5 golden rules that include anticipated driving,  correct tire pressure and maintaining a consistent speed.

Alternative fuels also help to reduce emission. AdBlue for example reduces nitrogen oxide emissions from heavy diesel vehicles. LPG and natural gasses are also increasingly important whilst hybrid vehicles can now also be considered. DKV of course supports these alternative fuels and has, in addition, developed the DKV CARD +CHARGE for hybrid trucks. As the card was first introduced in Germany, over 3.000 charging stations are connected to the card in Germany. Other European countries are expected to be included in the network as soon as possible.

Social compensation

Corporate social responsibility is not just about emissions, it is about taking responsibility for the people and our planet. Why not consider supporting a project that improves the quality of life on our planet? Take the project “A battle against malnourishment, a battle against infant mortality” in Mozambique set up by UNICEF Netherlands. In Mozambique, at least 6% of all children under 5 years old are malnourished. DKV has linked the project to the new Belgian toll system and supports by making donations, enabling food and vitamins to nourish the children. To learn more about this project you can read the story of ‘Simoes’, in DutchEnglish and French .

So, anno 2016 there are numerous initiatives your company can take regarding an SCR strategy. What way suits you best depends on your fleet and your company’s strategy but no one can argue anymore that in the transport & logistics industry we are not able to take responsibility. Now, let’s make it happen!


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