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What will the future bring us?

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The transport and logistics business is always on the move as technological developments are an ongoing process. Take the eye tracker or the EETS box for example, both developed to make driving more efficient and safer. But how does an eye tracker infringe on privacy? And is the EETS box really going to happen soon?

Current technology in trucks The transport and logistics business never stops moving and many new technologies have been implemented in the last few years. Take for example the board computer as direct communication line between the office and the driver. The board computer has become much more efficient since its introduction. Today the driver takes more responsibility for the planning as, after all, the driver knows exactly what the current situation on the road is like. He can act accordingly in order to plan the most efficient route.

What’s next? One of the major new technologies that is being tested at the moment is the eye tracker. The eye tracker is a device that follows the drivers eyes and gives off warnings when the eyes are not focused on the road anymore, preventing accidents. However, implementation is not happening yet as privacy issues still need to be dealt with.

Platooning, as we wrote in our previous blog, is another example of a new technology. The ability of trucks to travel in a semi-autonomously, wirelessly connected convoy, should ensure more efficient driving.







Improving technologies used for self-driving-cars or platooning is an on-going process. New developments can be put to the test during contests organised by DARPA (‘Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency’).

In addition to organising the contests, DARPA also funds projects that focus on the development of self-driving-cars. For example technologies that are capable of monitoring terrain and surroundings, enabling the vehicle to act on its own, as already used for military defence vehicles. Platooning already uses the basics of this technology, so implementation is not unthinkable!



One uniform toll box throughout Europe EETS, the European Electronic Toll System, opens the opportunity for one uniform toll box for the European Union. Currently, each countries that levies toll works with their own solution, resulting in, among others, the need to install and maintain several different boxes in the truck. Not very efficient. Strict European rules and regulations have prevented the introduction of a uniform toll box for Europe.

The expectation is that DKV will offer a one-box solution that will cover multiple tolling systems, including certainly the German, Austrian, French and Belgian toll. We have always been in favour of a one-box solution as it is beneficial for all parties involved. …

New technologies are implemented regularly, always aiming for safer driving situations and more efficient working. It usually takes us longer to prepare and to adjust the rules and regulations than it takes technique to get ready for implementation. Where it will take us? Only time will tell…

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