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‘Green’ driving; fable or reality?

‘Green’; a concept widely adopted these years and used for a variety of terms, like ‘green’ driving, ‘green’ enterprise, ‘green’ thinking. But what is the origin of this term, and what is your position when it comes to ‘green’? 

What is ‘green’?

‘Green’ means nothing more than sustainable entrepreneurship; organising all your business in such a way that it puts no, or at least a minimum burden on nature and society. Many companies have now accommodated the ‘green’ notion in their corporate social responsibility policy. However, since ‘green’ is being applied all over the market these days, its exact meaning is obscure in more than one case. So what is your position in present-day discussions about corporate social responsibility?

Are you ‘green’ by now?

To us, ‘green’ involves aspects like driving on alternative fuels; in itself a good basis for hauliers. In the last years for instance, quite a few haulage companies have transferred to biodiesel , natural gas or dual fuel. The use of alternative fuels also implies a change in company structure. For instance, when considering the future in terms of alternative fuels, investing in vehicles suited in this respect will be a well-considered operational step, certainly in the current state of affairs regarding the ecological burden caused by the haulage sector. Because the benefits to your business, especially in the area of cost differences per kilometre, will only be increasing in the future, investments like these will gain in consequence. Besides, as the range covered by ‘green’ vehicles has improved considerably in the last years, the kilometre vs. load capacity ratio has become more interesting for many haulage companies. Nor will you need to worry about the availability of fuel stations when it comes to operating European transports running on alternative fuels. By now the European station network for alternative fuels is considerable already. This also covers LPG. Any company is bound to put a certain burden on society. This is the result, for instance, of the stocks it has to purchase and maintain, its use of gas, water and light and the use of its resources (like the business fleet). Obviously there are certain operational aspects you just cannot ignore if you want to keep up your business, but ‘green’ undertaking may turn out very simple indeed. Just consider reducing your paperwork by simple billing, making available driver apps showing the ‘greenest’ routes and digital processing of your fleet data.

In short: there sure is a concept called ‘Green Driving’, or, as we would prefer to name it, cost- and ecologically conscious undertaking. This year for instance we have partnered up with the LNG24 Demo Days in Hardenberg, the Netherlands, devoted to cleaner transport. On top of this we offer an award to the most innovative companies during our annual Eco Performance Awards show.

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