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Rising diesel duties and the implications for you

On 1 January 2014 the Netherlands raised its diesel duties. From that date the statutory increase has been fixed at 3 cents per litre.             

Growing discrepancy with the countries abroad

The increase is part of the 2014 Tax Scheme implemented by the Dutch authorities. The diesel duty increase has cast a chill over transport companies in the Netherlands, mainly because of the continuously growing discrepancies with diesel prices abroad. Although, admittedly, many of you used to refuel outside the Netherlands already before 1 January 2014 because of the price differences, the additional Dutch increase is expected to intensify this situation even more. On top of this, many Dutch station operators will be noticing a marked difference in sales over the coming year, as hauliers (and therefore major customers) will be staying away. DKV_Buddy_small

What is your benefit?

What are the implications of this increase for you? The current Dutch increase by 3 cents per litre will also be index-linked automatically; an increase in terms of percentage that is to come on top of the established fixed increase. This implies a net increase by more than 3 cents per litre diesel. As the surrounding countries apply lower fuel prices, this might work to your advantage. If, for instance you refuel in adjacent Belgium, this might bring considerable savings, certainly when combined with the various discount percentages offered by service providers and fuel card companies. In Belgium your total advantage may well run into more than 20 cents on the basis of listed prices!

Reclaiming diesel duties in for instance France and Belgium is simple.

Although the costs per kilometre will soon rise by 3.5% under the new increase, there still are ways of refuelling as efficiently and cost-consciously as possible, like using a fuel card, with its possibilities of great discounts and refunding foreign VAT and diesel duties. Our motto therefore is for you to discover new ways that will bring the savings you really need.

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