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DKV registered the 40,000th OBU to Belgian logistic service provider H.Essers (Genk)

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H.Essers is already working with DKV in the field of its international operations and has now opted for DKV for its settlement of the new Belgian kilometre levy as well.






One of Europe’s most prominent companies in the transport and logistics field, H.Essers, with its main office in Genk, Belgium, now also arranges its settlement of the new Belgian kilometre levy by way of DKV Euro Service. This was decided on for all companies and branches of H.Essers. As a result, DKV Euro Service will deliver about 1,000 OBUs (on board units) to H.Essers, and the total number of boxes registered by DKV has thus surpassed the magic 40,000 limit.

Gertjan Breij, managing director of DKV Euro Service Benelux: “To DKV Euro Service, reliability, in-time delivery, continuity and guaranteed customer service count among the top priorities. Since the Satellic Box is guaranteed to function as of 1 April 2016 and is moreover the cheapest alternative in the market as it is issued by the toll operator itself, we decided to employ the Satellic Box. This enables DKV to guarantee the best solution at the best price. We are proud and really pleased to find that prominent companies like H.Essers now also entrust the settlement of the new Belgian kilometre levy to DKV.

Fact is that DKV Euro Service has already registered 40,000 OBUs via the DKV Website, out of which over 10,000 OBU´s have already been shipped to the customers. These figures underline the confidence the market has been putting in DKV’s many years of experience and thorough expertise in the field of tolls systems all over Europe.”

Pascal Vranken, COO Transport and Logistics of H.Essers confirms the choice made by the company: “Our company has been working with DKV Euro Service for over 20 years now. To us, DKV’s one-stop solutions are crucial. As the tolls and payment solutions provided by DKV throughout Europe go a long way, this allows us to fully focus on that which we excel in: being a reliable and distinguished partner where our customers’ logistic operations are at issue. It is a philosophy embodied and reflected by our motivated drivers, employees, service staff and managers who all of them consider customer involvement of paramount importance.”


Founded in 1928 by Henri Essers, the company has by now grown out into one of Europe’s most prominent companies operating in the transport and logistics field for branches of industry like chemicals, pharmaceutics/healthcare and high-quality commodities. The past years were characterised by considerable expansion of the company as a result of autonomous growth and several strategic takeovers. In 2014 H.Essers recorded a turnover in the amount of 442 million euros. The company now disposes of 930,000 sq.m. warehouse surface and a fleet numbering 1,300 tractors and 2,800 trailers. It employs over 4,400 staff distributed over 40 branches in 12 West- and East-European countries. In addition to its principal place of business in Genk (Belgium), H.Essers operates a second home base in Romania.

Register for the toll Belgium? Go to https://www.dkv-euroservice.com/portal/en/registrierung-maut-belgien.

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