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The future of vans: drones, robotized cargo space and fully electric

Mercedes recently released the Mercedes Vision Van (prototype), and it looks amazing! The technology is very futuristic,  in fact it will probably take months (if not years) before it can be implemented. Nevertheless we are very excited about this cool concept.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van – Exterior ; Mercedes-Benz Vision Van – Exterior;








Two autonomous drones are attached to the roof. These drones automatically and autonomously deliver packages within a short range of the van. The efficiency of delivering is greatly improved with this new technology.







Robotized cargo space

The cargo space of the Mercedes Vision Van is fully automatic. Once all the cargo is loaded the van will check to which address packages need to be delivered, the package is then transported to the front of the van so that the driver can deliver it to the customer.


The van is equipped with a 75-kWh electric drive unit which makes it able to drive up to about 85 kilometer without having to recharge.

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