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Looking back and into the future with managing director Gertjan Breij

 ”We are on the right road”

DKV Euro Service has consistently pursued its strategy of internationalisation for many years by now. Also the latest survey outcomes confirm the potent product portfolio and supreme customer service of mobility service provider DKV. In the following interview, DKV Euro Service Benelux Managing Director Gertjan Breij sets out the importance of not resting on your laurels in spite of all this success.

Gertjan, what have the first six months of 2016 been like for DKV?

Because right now we are witnessing huge growth, we have clearly managed to more than offset the low diesel prices in our Fuels division. In Tolls during the initial six months, we first of all focused on successfully managing and accompanying the introduction of the new Belgian tolls system. From the beginning onwards we have consistently relied on the toll operator’s own Satellic Box and the continued guaranteed care and support of our customers as of 1 April 2016. This has been appreciated and rewarded by the market. Right now, registration figures by far exceed our expectations.

Winning new customers is one thing. Yet how to retain existing customers?  

For three years we have been measuring the quality of our main, so-called ‘customer touchpoints’ by conducting and analysing satisfaction surveys among 30,000 customers all over Europe each year. To us these surveys are very valuable because they produce instant feedback from the market. We can respond immediately in case of any imperfections in our DKV touchpoints. Besides, we already appear to do well in many things, since for the twelfth time in succession we have been proclaimed as best-preferred fuel card in Europe’s most prominent trucker survey. To cap it all, we ended up top-10 in the German Handelsblatt’s Top Service customer orientation contest.

Which measures should secure future growth?

We are on the right road and will firmly continue relying on internationalisation and sustainable growth. It is our aim and our challenge to already be in places where our customers are due to arrive tomorrow. Doing so, we recently managed to welcome about 600 fuel stations in Russia end Belorussia to our service network. By the end of this year another 1,000 stations will follow suit; a further notable improvement of this network. Apart from our excellent business development in the East-European countries, we also expand above average in ‘traditional’ countries like France and Italy.

How to proceed? What does the customer deserve to expect from DKV in the future?

We aim to remain preferred partner in cashless service on the road. Employing competent people and innovative products. This year, employment-wise, we will be creating 100 new positions all over Europe, half of which are occupied by now. In order to meet our customers’ needs and requirements even better, we will involve customers even more closely and at an earlier stage when developing new products and services. We remain true precursors in the field of EETS (European Electronic Toll Service; one uniform toll box for all GNSS- and DSRC-systems). In other countries, DKV instigates regional interoperability in tolls (REETS) using its own DKV Box. This is the only possibility for us to offer our customers the best possible service and attractive rebates. Besides, our philosophy now really tends towards introducing a mobility card, enabling the customer cashless payment of hotel costs, railway tickets and parking fees for instance.

Thank you very much for his interview.

DKV Euro Service 

DKV Euro Service has been one of the leading service providers to the transport and logistics industry for about 80 years. From cashless service along the roads at over 60,000 brand-independent acceptance points through to toll billing and VAT-refunding, DKV offers a host of services for cost optimization and fleet management on Europe’s roads. DKV is part of DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group, which employs 780 people. In 2015 the Group, represented in 42 countries, achieved a turnover of 5.8 billion euro. Currently around 2.5 million DKV Cards and on-board units are in use with more than 120,000 customers. In 2016 the DKV Card was proclaimed Best Brand for the twelfth consecutive time in the fuel and service cards category.

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