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The EETS-compliant toll box and the future (2): Premium online registration and toll management









Fleet management is not a forerunner when it comes to digitalisation. Individual providers frequently offer services like toll and fuel payment, en route services, telematics or insurance in the form of separate components. Even in 2018 this means fleet managers who are still being buried under massive piles of paper and forced to use varying systems, online portals and databases. Fortunately, the EETS-compliant toll box means another step in the direction of digital fleet management processes. An important step on the road towards connected fleet services: sharing and (re-)using data across the various components with the help of vehicle connectivity and (cloud) software solutions.


To be able to integrate varying fleet services, it is important that the individual technologies so far used become digitalised. This also applies to toll management. Where until the introduction of the European Electronic Toll System ( EETS), toll management consisted of a variety of cards, boxes and vignettes, EETS now makes fully digitalised toll management possible, eventually preparing it for integration with other fleet services. In other words: digital toll management provides the basis for a smart telematics platform that accommodates integrated toll and vehicle services.


I can already hear you think: “Smart telematics platforms? Connected fleet services? To us these are things of the future.” Fortunately however, digital toll management does not only imply future benefits. Immediately after purchasing EETS-certified toll boxes you will find out that you are working more efficiently while saving costs on top. All this goes beyond the requirement of just one contract and one invoice for all European toll systems. Just consider the following pros:

» Intuitive online registration.

» Shorter registration procedures as the records of specific vehicles are already stored in a central database.

» Full registration in case of EETS as well as non-EETS toll systems.

» Online toll box management: for easier transitioning to other toll boxes via an online portal.

» Continuity in usage, like improved 1st and 2nd line support, a smaller breakdown risk, improved security and more effective procedures in emergencies.

» Online toll box management through an online portal enabling easier transfer to another toll box.


What we would recommend, however, is that you do not decide too rashly on your chosen provider of EETS-certified toll boxes, but to also account for the future by choosing a toll box that complies with future technological requirements as we speak.

We at DKV Euro Service are convinced that digitalisation will also affect our industry and will give you as road transport professional real-time insight into your overall fleet costs, to name just one aspect. And we will naturally remain ‘best-in-class’ provider of products and solutions required by each and any transport and logistics enterprise. One the other hand, the role played by DKV will gradually be shifting from ‘provider’ towards ‘conductor’ offering a state-of-the-art mobility management platform. In order to realise this we will venture into new directions while systematically improving well-tested systems and deriving power and inspiration from new collaborative projects like Toll4Europe, joint-venture between DKV, T-Systems and Daimler. We deploy digital intelligence to introduce a smart service connecting all Europe and go for simplified, digital toll management by way of our DKV BOX EUROPE on-board unit. In short: we, too, are taking a new step towards seamless mobility to make life easier for fleet managers and to make your company even more efficient.


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