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Make sure your OBU for toll Czech is still active!

On 15.11.2016 toll operator Myto CZ (toll in the Czech Republic) changed the rules regarding the deposit of and balance still left on your OBU. All OBUs, which have not been active within the past 12 month will become invalid. If they have not been returned to the operator in time (before the end of the 12th month) the OBU-deposit and the OBU-balance will become invalid. All customers whose OBUs are affected will be informed by the operator. You are able to check on the status of your OBU by:

 1) Look up the OBU status within the operator´s e-portal:

After the initial toll registration you received login credentials to the operators e-portal: (http://www.mytocz.eu/en/user/selfcare/index.html )

Within the portal the customer can inform himself about the OBU status of his OBUs (f.e. last OBU activity) any time.

2) Publication list of affected OBUs on operators website:

The operator publishes the affected OBUs on his website on a regular basis, at: http://www.mytocz.eu/en/user/expiration-of-deposit-and-credit/index.html

The customer can – with the help of the list –  see, if his OBUs are affected.

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