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Toll Scandinavia

In Scandinavian countries, a large number of roads, bridges, tunnels and ferries are subject to a charge. With the assistance of the AutoPass OBU which will be offered by DKV in cooperation with tolltickets, you are able to pay simply and conveniently in all three countries, namely in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

The AutoPASS OBU is a microwave system (DSRC), which determines the position of the vehicle by microwave for driving through a toll portal (bark). The microwave OBU sends the relevant information to the toll portal (bark). The toll operator receives relevant information for calculation of the toll.

Kaart tol Scandinavië


 In Norway, the construction costs for roads, bridges and tunnels are paid by means of toll charges. Each new construction project leads to at least one new toll station. As soon as the construction costs have been recouped by means of toll charges, the toll station will be dismantled. Therefore in Norway, there is a permanent change in location and number of toll stations. To reduce charging costs, almost every toll station is automated. Please use specific AutoPASS lanes:


Caution: For commercial vehicles (heavy vehicles and busses) over 3.5 tons, a mandatory AutoPASS OBU is required from 1st January 2015!

In case of violation a fine of 8,000 NOK will be levied. The amount increases to NOK 12 000 if the fine will not be paid within three weeks. If the violation is repeated within two years, the fine will increase to NOK 16 000. All private vehicles and motorhomes are exempted from this rule. However, it is recommended to use an AutoPASS OBU to receive discounts on toll roads.

 Denmark and Sweden

 The AutoPASS OBU can also be used in Denmarkand Sweden. Please use signposted green BroBizz / AutoBizz / Easy Go lanes. The charge for tolls, bridges or ferries will be automatically debited from your account. In addition, discounts of up to 50% are granted.

Note: The validity of the Euro vignette in Denmark and Sweden obese exist!


Prijzen Norway

Exchange rate 12.2014*

For more information on toll Scandinavia please go to : https://www.dkv-euroservice.com/gb/services/toll/toll-services-by-country/

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