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Adjustments German toll

As of October 1st 2015 German toll is extended from 12 to 7.5 tons permissible total weight. Vehicles and vehicle combinations with a permissible total weight of over 7.5 tonnes will in the future be subject to distance-based toll charges. Next to the new rules regarding permissible weight, new charges per kilometre for infrastructure costs also come into force.

Toll charges on federal roads

From the start of the second half of this year, the German government will levy toll charges on 1.100 km of federal roads, in addition to the existing tolls on motorways. The affected roads are federal roads and federal roads complying with the following conditions:

» Not an urban through-route
» Four or more lanes
» With a central reserve
» Connected to the motorway network
» At least four kilometres long


The toll costs are based on the emission class, the number of axles and the length of toll route travelled.

Emissie tol DU

Invoicing options

Europe‘s number 1 transport services provider – DKV – offers you the best arrangements for getting off to an efficient start with the new toll in Germany. With the best service and attractive conditions. You have three simple options for settling your toll:

opties betaling DU tol

You can find more information about toll in Germany and DKV Euro Service at:

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