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Social innovations and cost-saving business operations

Over the past few years, social innovations have definitely become interwoven with the world of business. The new developments that are inherent to innovation come at dazzling speed via today’s social channels. Social innovations also require a response on the part of business to a great many expectations in the field (as everybody will be watching over your shoulder) while at the same time yielding many insights and benefits.

Since everybody is able to watch and witness what happens, there is also widespread growth in opinions on varying topical issues that are shared fervently on the many existing social platforms we know today. This may be considered a negative effect, but on the other hand it will afford companies a good deal of insight in the visions and approaches taken by their target groups. This will in turn enable a response from these companies, which is a reason for these companies to regularly invite feedback from their online visitors.

Cost-efficient business Proper use of social media may yield many benefits to drivers as well as haulage entrepreneurs. There are, for instance, apps that also account for congestions and roadworks when planning routes. Besides ensuring that the driver will reach his destination quicker, such apps also result in fuel saving and reduced CO2-emissions; benefits that save the hauliers costs and afford drivers more comfort during their trips.







DKV Euro Service offers its customers a free supporting their drivers all over Europe in their searches for fuel and service stations that accept the DKV CARD. The DKV APP also shows traffic information and prices in the country currency if required and is available in 20 language variants, this app will not only realise the cost savings named above, but it will also ensure drivers a degree of safety. The app can also be used 24 hours per day for calling out assistance in case of theft of the DKV CARD, breakdowns and emergencies.

For safe, cost-saving and efficient trips!

You drive, we care

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