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“The market is looking for suitable solutions”

In September 2014, DKV Euro Service launched a CO₂-neutral fuel card. A hybrid fuel card for electricity and fuel, which will be independent of vehicle manufacturer and usable internationally, will be made available shortly. In our interview, DKV Managing Director Dr. Alexander Hufnagl explains that sustainable products are a competitive factor and are therefore an essential part of the DKV portfolio.    

Dr Hufnagl, managing director DKV Euro Service
DKV Managing Director Dr Hufnagl






What role does CO₂-offsetting play in the fuel card business?

Wherever we drive, we emit CO₂. Emissions can be avoided or reduced up to a certain extent, e.g. by driver training and intelligent route planning. How a transport company deals with its unavoidable emissions is questioned and proof demanded more and more often by business partners.

How are you responding to these demands?

Since last September, we have been offering our customers a fuel card for CO₂-neutral refuelling in the form of the DKV Card Climate. Using this card, companies can offset their CO₂ emissions by 100%.

How does CO₂-offsetting through the DKV Card Climate work?

Users of this card are actively supporting climate protection. With every litre they purchase, they are investing an additional amount in certified climate protection projects and thus contributing to worldwide carbon neutrality.

How will DKV Euro Service develop in 2015?

In the future, we will continue to develop and offer further similar products to enable our customers to operate sustainably. We just started with the international DKV hybrid fuel card for electricity and fuel.

What persuaded you to introduce a hybrid fuel card?

In mixed fleets, the proportion of electric and hybrid vehicles is rising, while against this background, the existing charging station provision is still frequently found to be insufficient to meet the users’ needs.

What does that mean in practice?

Until now, electric- and hybrid-car drivers had to carry a multitude of cards, codes or other means of authentication with them. In reality, this often limited a driver’s charging options to the charging posts installed at the company base or to the charging network operated by the local or regional energy supply company. This drastically restricted the opportunities to use electric and hybrid vehicles.

What advantages does the DKV hybrid fuel card offer?

The DKV hybrid fuel card gives access to around 1,500 public charging stations for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids all over Germany. Preparations are being made to extend the charging post acceptance network to more countries. The user also has the usual access to around 55,300 existing DKV Euro Service acceptance points (among them 40,300 conventional fuel stations).

What is the card’s unique selling feature proposition?

It will be the first hybrid card on the market that can be used irrespective of the manufacturer of the vehicle. In addition, it will be able to be used internationally. For more information go to our website:

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