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DKV heading for yet another sales record in 2017

company growth strategy explained

Noordwijkerhout, 20 December 2017 – There are indications of yet another sales record for DKV, with its double-digit growth in fuels in the period between January and September 2017. The same goes for tolls.







Gertjan Breij, Managing Director DKV Euro Service explains: “Compared to last year, our sales have once more developed to reach record levels. Also in the light of general market developments this is a result we are very proud of.”

An explanation for DKV’s success is the fact that the company set a course toward further growth from early on, consistently enlarging its product range in the electromobility area. On top of its DKV CARD +CHARGE, DKV now also provides service solutions and settlement models for both home and workplace environments through partnering models.

Gertjan Breij explains this construction as follows: “By way of our partnership with Freshmile, our customers recently obtained access to as many as 2,500 charging points in France. And we are about to develop other fields of business as well. Our new product DKV Easy Flex, a solution enabling customers extended terms of payment, is well-received by the market and so far we have been able to welcome more than 100 customers in this segment.

DKV concludes that the logistics sector is on the move like it has not been for years, at ever-increasing speeds of development. DKV is very much aware of this, taking up the challenge without letting go of product reliability and quality. DKV has chosen to attract strong partners on the one hand, while on the other hand the company is intensely occupied with in-company process improvement and firmly positioning itself by employing new and competent people.

Gertjan Breij also casts a view on 2018: For us, 2018 will be a year of full steam in electromobility. Following countless test runs in 2017 we will be enlarging our range even further by taking up cooperation with prominent partners. Also in the mobile payment area we are involved in very promising cooperating and testing schemes – take for instance our collaboration with Q1 oil company in Germany.”

The programme for 2018 is ambitious indeed. April 1 is the date of the launch of the Slovenian ‘DarsGo’ tolls system for all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. In this respect DKV will be supporting its customers by offering quick, uncomplicated registration and settlement. In the first four months the DKV BOX ITALIA will become operational as well. This is a box by which DKV can enable all-in settlement of all Italian tolls for the benefit of the predominantly nationally operating Italian hauliers. The end of 2018 will be topped by the absolute highlight: the launch of the DKV BOX EUROPE. At the start of this market this box is to cover Belgium first, to be instantly followed by Austria, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. There is still uncertainty about the way in which Germany and Poland will apply the EETS-provisions to their own tolls systems.

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