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Excellent distribution partner management

In addition to its traditional direct sales, DKV Euro Service has now built up a network of 34 sales partners in 18 European countries. They are supported by the International Sales Partner Management Department in Ratingen. The 17-member team ensures that the processes, quality standards and marketing concepts of the respective sales partner are consistent with those of DKV. For the high quality of its partner management, the department was recently awarded the German Award Preis for Sales Performance by the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences and the magazine Vertriebsmanager (“Sales Manager”) in the category distribution partner management. Numerous well-known companies submitted entries, including Deutsche Lufthansa, Mercedes AMG and Amazon.

Same high standard of quality – across Europe
“A DKV customer who gets a co-branded card in Spain from our partner Solred should enjoy the same top-quality service as a DKV customer in Romania who is looked after by our partner affinity Transport Solutions,” explained Head of Department Manuel von Mohrenschildt. Each team in the department is responsible for a region of Europe. In order to maintain the quality standards, guidelines which also include the quality award DKV S.T.A.R. were developed.  A Partner Convention which is held every two years also provides a further incentive for partners. “Partners receive the latest product information from the departments, can exchange information and above all have fun,” stated Manuel von Mohrenschildt.

In the last three years the number of sales partners has almost doubled. Currently the department is expanding its partner network in Eurasia. “There is huge potential above all in the north-south axis between Russia and Turkey,” explained Manuel von Mohrenschildt. “But the established markets remain exciting as well.”

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