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Zijderlaan goes for the convenience and reliability of just one toll box

Truck company chooses DKV BOX EUROPE for use in Germany, Belgium and France

To all European transport firms, a good, reliable toll box is a necessity much rather than luxury. Operating more than 200 trucks, Zijderlaan B.V. from Stolwijk, the Netherlands is a company that chooses the security that DKV BOX EUROPE brings.

Increasing fines

In Europe there are two basic toll charging procedures for fleet operators. By far most countries charge every kilometre covered. The Netherlands and Luxembourg are among the countries in which you can still pay over a set period, like a week, month or year. “But they are almost extinct,” says Ben Daamen, account manager at DKV. “In most countries you pay tolls in amounts between 15 and 25 cents per kilometre. Quite costly, and, as a result, to be punctually charged and settled.”

Fines for failing to comply with toll schemes may soar. In Belgium you easily incur 500 euro for each offence, Daamen explains, and other countries apply fines in line with the seriousness of the mistake. “So the three most essential features of your toll box are reliability, reliability and reliability. Price comes fourth, but that’s also OK in case of DKV.”

Getting rid of suction caps and stickers

Robert van Vuuren, Business Analyst at Zijderlaan B.V., underlines the importance of the reliability aspect and says that this is one of the examples that make DKV an adequate partner for him. “We have now used DKV BOX EUROPE for about seven months. Especially in Belgium we occasionally had problems with other providers. But so far we haven’t found them with DKV.”

Van Vuuren also appreciates the convenience of using just one toll box instead of ‘five or so’. “Much less windscreen clutter; only one functioning box that you don’t give a second thought.” Although he also mentions reduced invoice flows, it is especially the notion that Zijderlaan can forget about the tolls aspect within their area of operation (mainly France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg) that braces him.

For international transports

For customers, the ‘subscription form’ for acquiring DKV BOX EUROPE is the most adequate solution for international haulage companies, says Ben Daamen. “Some providers do not charge user fees on boxes, but surcharges on each tolls transaction instead.” This may be OK for fleet operators with just a tiny international business component, he says. But for Zijderlaan, whose trucks are found all over Europe, DKV BOX EUROPE is the most efficient solution. “DKV’s purchasing power all over Europe secures customers toll benefits. This is the way in which we offer a cheap and reliable solution for companies that operate internationally,” says Ben Daamen.

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