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“What we aim for is long-term, lasting customer satisfaction”

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Mr Breij, what has 2016 been like for DKV?

In 2016 we continued our already substantial growth, as a result of which we succeeded in more than overcompensating the persistent, low diesel prices in our Fuels division. In Tolls over the first six months, our focus mainly involved successfully handling and managing the introduction of the new Belgian tolls system. In this regard we consistently put our choice on the toll operator’s own Satellic Box from the very onset, giving priority to guaranteed care and service on behalf of our customers as of 1 April 2016. This, apparently, was recognized and acknowledged by the market, as the registration figures exceeded our expectations by far.

What measures are expected to bring further growth during 2017?

Winning new customers is just one aspect. Another thing we obviously aim for is lasting satisfaction on the part of our customers. So in 2016 we created circa 100 new functions all over Europe, thereby hugely expanding our customer service potential. We continue to operate on the general and consistent principle of internationalisation and sustained growth. We consider it our challenge to already be on the spot where our customers intend to be tomorrow. In this way we so far managed to incorporate circa 1,000 fuel stations in Russia and Belorussia into our service network, and we aim to expand even further here. And in addition to our very fruitful commercial development in the East-European countries, we wish to continue expanding in countries that have so far been traditional for us, like France and Italy.

What else is the customer entitled to expect from DKV?

To meet our customers’ requirements even better we intend to involve them in our development of new products and services still more closely, and at an even earlier stage. We are true precursors in the field of EETS (a pan-European toll box for all GNSS- and DSRC-systems). In other countries DKV promotes and pushes regional interoperability of tolls systems, using its own DKV Box. This is the only way for us to be able to offer our customers optimal service and attractive price benefits. On top of all this we are making a great effort directing our considerations to the introduction of a ‘mobility card’ that includes options like paying and settling hotel accommodation, railway tickets and parking charges.

Thank you very much for this interview.


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