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“We’re looking forward to the second half” – an interview about the DKV BOX ITALIA

“We’re looking forward to the second half”

On the completion of the “first half”, Gertjan Breij and Andreas Leber report on the first operator talks on DKV’s way to a toll box for Italy.

DKV is currently undergoing the certification process as an issuer of its own On-Board Units in Italy. With the approval of the association of Italian motorway operators, AISCAT, the company reached an important milestone in mid-February: the official approval for bilateral testing and contract negotiations with the 25 motorway operators. Just in time for “half-time”, Gertjan Breij (managing director of DKV Euro Service Benelux) and Andreas Leber (project manager of DKV BOX ITALIA) reported on the first operator talks on DKV’s way to a toll box for the whole of Italy.

How did the first operator talks go?
Andreas Leber: The welcome we received was very friendly and open. AISCAT had provided all members with comprehensive information in advance, which means that on this basis we were able to coordinate the next steps of the certification process with the operators of the toll motorways. The ministry of infrastructure and transport is also supporting us in our efforts.

What happens next?
Gertjan Breij: Simultaneously, comprehensive testing procedures will be set up. Our test OBUs will be sent to IT service providers, tests will be carried out in local test centres and at the toll stations and interfaces for data exchange will be created. The entire process chain has to be covered, and it has to work.
Andreas Leber: Last but not least, we will negotiate contracts with the individual motorway operators. This is an important point and there’s a great need for coordination.

What’s special about the DKV BOX ITALIA?
Andreas Leber: The DKV BOX ITALIA is a first: for the first time, users can choose an alternative and independent service provider for toll invoicing in Italy. The box is a new technological development that automatically detects vehicles and settles toll on all toll motorways in Italy.
Gertjan Breij: To date, this requires two invoicing systems – the Telepass device and the DKV Viacard. With the DKV BOX ITALIA, only the on-board unit is necessary. It is easy to register via the DKV customer account and customers also save on the monthly fee for a second payment device. Via the DKV web portal, customers are provided with up-to-date transaction data on the passages.

Do DKV customers have additional advantages?
Andreas Leber: If you are also registered with the Consorzio DKV Euro Service you automatically benefit from the maximum discounts, as members’ total journey volume is taken into account when working out the discounts. The offer is available to all transport companies based in the EU.

How much can Consorzio members actually save?
Gertjan Breij: Our members benefit from an up to 13 percent annual discount on the Italian motorway toll. This is the maximum discount level for vehicles from euro emissions class 5. They also get a discount of up to 13 percent on tunnel toll. Consorzio members also enjoy many other benefits.
Andreas Leber: For example, immediate discount on one-way journeys through the Fréjus and Mont Blanc tunnels.

What’s next for the DKV BOX ITALIA?
Gertjan Breij: We are looking forward to the “second half”. If everything continues to be as successful, we will be able to launch the DKV BOX ITALIA in the fourth quarter of 2017.


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