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What to do in case of a stolen or lost DKV Card?

Useful information when your DKV card has been stolen or lost

1.      Card theft

What must the driver do if he notices his card has been stolen or lost?

If the card has been stolen or lost, the user should have the fuel card blocked immediately and – in the case of theft – report it at the nearest police station. Caution is also called for if the vehicle shows signs of being broken into but the fuel card is still there. The card could have been copied or replaced with an earlier stolen card. Therefore the data on the card must be checked and, if necessary, the card blocked.

Does it make any difference whether the theft took place abroad?

“No. Our card blocking service can be contacted via an international number. Whether in your country or abroad, the customer receives our fullest support.”

What are the risks for the card customer (company/driver) when a card is stolen/lost?

“The customer’s liability ceases as soon as he has informed us of the loss. Where card misuse occurs, we work with the police to investigate the matter. At the same time, we warn against fuel card fraudsters in our marketing material to raise our customers’ awareness and to protect them.”

How long does it take for the victim to receive a replacement card and how can he pay for services after the loss or theft of his card?

“Of course, we ensure our customers are not left to manage on their own in these circumstances: we support them with our emergency service DKV ASSIST. In urgent cases, we send the customer a replacement card by courier.”

How many card losses and thefts are reported to DKV per year?

“We have taken card security very seriously for a long time and invested a great deal over the years in security processes and technology. As a result, we have been able to reduce losses due to card theft and misuse to a minimum. We continue to work to enhance our card and authorisation technologies to further improve the situation in the future.”

2.      Card misuse (by an employee/driver)

What are the warning signs that a card may be being misused by an employee (and how can DKV help in these circumstances)?

“One indication could be a rise in average consumption figures for no apparent reason. However, the recommended course of action in every case should be more intensive investigation and monitoring. We offer a number of assessment and analysis tools.”

What means are available to card customers (companies) to keep the risk of card misuse by their own employees as low as possible (and how does DKV help in doing this)?

“One way, for example, is to set individual limits on consumption figures as agreed with the customer. The card is automatically blocked as soon as these limits are reached. Independently of this, DKV has a specialist misuse and prevention team continuously checking the plausibility of transaction data. We contact customers if, for example, they deviate from their usual fuelling structure.”

How should a company react when card misuse is detected?

“Fuel card misuse is theft and not a trifling offence. Therefore, incidents of misuse must be consistently followed up. Whether the employer concludes that disciplinary action is necessary is a matter for his own judgement and ultimately on the seriousness of the case.”

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