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Toll changes 2019

This is to inform you that there will be increases in toll fees in several European countries from 1 January 2019 onwards.

However keep in mind the date of publication of this article, changes might occur in the meanwhile and more changes may be announced.*

In the first column you will find the changes announced so far:

AT Slight price increase of the vignette and Go-Maut by 2,2%
BE Extension of the toll road network for trucks by 38km from 1st. January 2019:                                                             A11 from Bruges (N31) to Knokke-Heist (N49)
N36 from  Roulers (R32) to N35 (Zarren)
N722 from N80 (Hasselt) to N718 (St Trond)
DE Toll increase up to 60% depending on the tariff from 01.01.2019. For details click link: http://team.egrima.internal/sites/0005/Maut/Maut%20Autobahnen/DE/Produktinformationen/Mauttarife%202019%20-%20Toll%20Tarif%202019/Mauttarife%202019_Toll%20tarifs%202019_2.pdf
ES Price decrease by 30% on the following highways from 15.01.2019
AP-41 between Madrid-Toledo, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, AP-36 between Ocaña and La Roda, AP-7 between Cartagena and Vera, Circunvalación de Alicante, M-12 Eje Aeropuerto.
On all other highways, the toll will increase by 1,67% from 01.01.2019 
FR Depending on the operator, expected increase of 1,08-2,19%
(Official announcement will follow in February)
IT Frejus and Mont Blanc Tunnel: Toll increase by 2,73% from 01.01.2019.
(Prohibition for Euro 3 for HV > 7.5 t at Mont Blanc tunnel).
Toll increase for motorways will be announced in January 2019.–nel-2019-aumento-dei-pedaggi-e-divieto-per-euro-3/36598
HU The e-toll applicable to lorries with a weight of 3.5 tonnes and above will increase by 32,25% from 1st January 2019.Útdíjváltozás%202019-től%20tábla-1_EN.pdf

The tariffs &  in toll are subject to changed and therefor DKV Euro Service cannot be held responsible for any charges that might occurs because of these changes.

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