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The clock is ticking for Belgium!

Clock is TickingBelgium is to introduce a new distance-based toll on 1 April 2016. In the Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels regions, toll charges will apply to motorways, ring roads and important major roads in addition to the existing toll route network.



The new toll handling system VIAPASS:  KAART TOL BE

When it comes into force, the new toll will supersede the currently applicable time-based Eurovignette in Belgium. The Eurovignette will be replaced by a modern, time-saving, satellite-based toll handling system via an on-board unit (OBU).


Toll tariffs


The tariffs depend on 4 factors: actual distance in kilometres travelled, vehicle weight, emission class & road type. Paying the toll charges can be done by pre-payment or post-payment. Ordering you OBU is easy, we take care of the work for you, take a look at our website! With top conditions and a clear and transparent invoice




In order to registrate or for more information you can go to our website!









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