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Truck Platooning – How it works

Find out how truck platooning works in this short movie by Scania (see below for the movie).

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What will the future bring us?

Click here to read this article in Dutch or in French. The transport and logistics business is always on the move as technological developments are an ongoing process. Take the eye tracker or the EETS box for example, both developed to make driving more efficient and safer. But how does an eye tracker infringe on privacy? And is the EETS …

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The future of truck driving

Platooning, the ability of trucks to travel close in convoy semi-autonomously, took a step towards reality in April with the staging of the European Truck Platooning Challenge 2016. The challenge showed that platooning and self-driving trucks are not something of the future anymore, it is becoming a reality. How far are the developments? A self-driving vehicle is defined as “a …

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