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DKV seeks good eco-performers

Closing date for applications for the 11th Eco Performance Award is 11.02.2018           On 20 June 2018, the Eco Performance Award will be presented for the eleventh time to transport companies operating particularly sustainable businesses. Companies interested in winning the award and the much-coveted quality seal can still submit their summary applications at up to …

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Cherchons Eco Performer performant

Le délai d’inscription à la 11e édition de l’Eco Performance Award se termine le 11 février 2018             Le 20 juin 2018 sera décerné le onzième Eco Performance Award qui récompense les entreprises de transport les plus écoresponsables. Cette année, la remise des prix aura lieu à la Rheinterrasse à Düsseldorf. Les entreprises intéressées par …

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Eco Performance Award: News from the future

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. In our branch, this means when we are driving, we are producing CO2. These emissions, however, can be reduced or avoided to a certain extent, for example with driver trainings, vehicle services and intelligent route navigation. You can compensate remaining carbon dioxide emissions to 100% to actively support environmental protection – with …

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