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Tackling hidden fuel costs

Report on Transport and Logistics 

From technical measures to tactical steering

For many years, fuel costs have been figuring high on hauliers’ agendas; not only because of these being among the main cost items within their firms, but also because of the increasingly competitive market. Margins are under pressure and mutations in business policy, approach and methods are necessary to be able to continue growing as a company and to remain profitable over the years to come.

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The report contains several interesting examples originating from practice regarding possibilities for you and your firm to save on (hidden) fuel costs. High benefit percentages may be realised, on the part of drivers and on the management side; benefits that will eventually revert to your company in the form of business result. This report is intended to make you aware of the many possibilities there are, and likewise to enable you to screen your own company on the basis of the examples from daily practice and the cases presented.

Therefore, DKV Euro Service Benelux and ING Sector Management Transport took the initiative of preparing a report focusing on fuel costs, for the purpose of presenting knowledge and information that add instant value to their customers’ business results. Apart from intending to merely preparing a report, ING and DKV have wished to add a practical tool that provides instant insight into the possibilities that are available to each individual company. This fits within the 5 business principles applied by DKV vis-a-vis the haulage market, whereby the principle of “cost-saving” is considered a major pillar. It also matches the ambition cherished by ING to support its clientele in conducting their business by way of providing branch-specific skills and Expertise.

We wish to thank the authors, Ir. M.R.J. Kindt, Drs. A. van den Engel and S.J. van der Meulen of Panteia for the valuable contents of this report and the clear analyses it presents.

We wish all those involved prosperous business and, first and for all, a good degree of support provided by this report, which was prepared with much enthusiasm and with a view to your benefit as an entrepreneur.

For links to the report, the calculator and the PowerPoint presentation used during the seminar on 1 September go to the bottom of this page.

Machiel Bode




Machiel Bode, Sector manager Transport & Logistics, ING Retail Business Bank





Gertjan Breij, Managing director, DKV Euro Service Benelux


Click here for the report in English.

Click here for the report in Dutch

Click here for the tool in English.

Click here for the tool in Dutch.

Click here For the PowerPoint presentation


More information

For more information, please contact:


Mr. M.C.Bode

+316 54227730


G.J.J. Breij

+31252 345667


Ir. M.R.J. Kindt or S.J. van der Meulen

+3179 3222415 or +3179 3222351 or s.van.der.meulen@panteia.n


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