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The latest toll & fuel developments

Increase of excise duty Hungary







The refund rate for Excise Duty in Hungary since 01.10.2016 increased from 7 HUF/Liter to 17 HUF/Liter.

From now on the government will monitor the price/barrel on the market. If the average price for a quarter remains under 50 USD/barrel, the refundable amount remains unchanged 17 HUF/Liter.

If the price goes above 50 USD/barrel the excise duty refund will go down again to 7 HUF/Liter.

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Changes in toll tariffs for HGV in Austria






Austria is profoundly changing its toll tariff model for HGVs. There will be a new basic toll tariff from 2017 in which external costs such as surcharges for noise and air pollution will be included. In so doing, the HGV toll system charging will be ecologically fair.

The external surcharges such as noise and air will explicitly be accounted for. All DKV customers will also find this information in the DKV invoice layout, the passage list has been completed with two new boxes for the new surcharges for noise and air pollution and will be filled accordingly from 2017.

As soon as we have further information on the planned toll tariffs in Austria, we will keep you informed.

DKV extents network in Russia






Extended network for the DKV CARD in Russia, new stations of the supplier VALAR were added.

For more information on toll in Europe you can go to our website.

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