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Social Media; of interest to your transport company?

In present-day society you just cannot get round social media. There are daily discussions regarding ‘social media’, and, naturally, frequent discussions on the social media platforms themselves. We, on our part, recently started making active use of social media channels. Below you will find a few points for attention that struck us when setting out on this project. Although many of us, admittedly, are well-informed of the various platforms available, how can we make effective use of them in our organisations?DKV_-Roll-up-Banner-Social-Media_1x

A good basis forms the start

A firm basis, consisting of a solid action and communications plan is required before we can start tweeting, posting and communicating with customers. Without these components, effective use of your social media will eventually stagnate, while communication starts lagging behind. A strong basis is crucial for a correct start and continued use. Another important aspect is that you record the objectives of your social media activities, as we found out that it will in time appear necessary to shed a new light on these objectives, and maybe specify them even more sharply.

What channels are suitable for your company?

The answer to this question greatly depends on the communications you wish to post. LinkedIn has a business background and may be very interesting if you wish to contact prospects. Twitter is more informal in character, but very suitable for conveying short, concise news messages to customers or prospects. In this respect, consider forwarding interesting links, retweeting information originating from the market and actively responding to queries you receive. Facebook may be an interesting platform to establish contact with possible sub target groups (drivers for instance).

The subsequent course

In the past few weeks we have been starting to actively deploy the social media channels. Although much remains to be discovered in the world named Social Media, the above points are essential for establishing a good starting-point. A pro-active approach is a must where social media are concerned. So if you should wish to contribute points for improvement or new ideas, do not hesitate to pass them on via our twitter account (or traditional e-mail).

You drive, we care!




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