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Smart Highway

Smart Highway of the future

Innovator and artist Daan Roosegaarde has recently invented a groundbreaking project for many road users: The Smart Highway. This ‘highway of the future’ is one of the innovative projects of Roosegaarde. For example, he also invented the Van Gogh Cycle Path and the Smog Free Project.

The cycle path, which displays Van Gogh’s picture of Starry Night, is more focused on design purposes. The Smog Free Project that vacuums dirty air and produces clean air instead, is more intended as climate project. The Smart Highway combines climate, safety and design purposes and is a project for all-day road users.

The Smart Highway is capable of adapting to road situations and features glow in the dark road lines. There are several other reasons why this might be the highway of the future:








  1. Glow in the dark

Road lines are painted with glow-in-the-dark paint and are able to absorb energy from the sun during the day.At night these lines will light up and provide additional safety to road users by using a climate-friendly and sustainable solution.

  1. Reacting to circumstances

The road does not only glow in the dark but it is capable of reacting to weather circumstances as well. When temperature drops, snowflakes will get visible to warn drivers for slippery roads. Besides that, road markings are fully adjustable depending on the situation on the road.







3. Road lighting

Due to budgetary reasons lights are often only turned on when roads are busy and dark. The smart highway has lights that react to passing cars. So lights are only turned on when needed, saving energy and money. Roosegaarde also found an alternative for ‘regular’ light. Any passing car or truck produces some turbulence, so by placing small windmills alongside the road this turbulence can be converted into energy, which can be used for ‘regular’ lights near the highways.

  1. Electric lanes

Another feature of the smart highway is a designated lane for electric cars. Electric cars will automatically be charged when using this lane.

A concept of the smart highway is already in use in Oss in The Netherlands. An interview with Daan Roosegaarde can be seen on the website of CNN, an article regarding The Smart Highway can be read on the website of NY Daily News.

At DKV we believe in innovation and sustainability, we support projects that improve safety and climate aspects, such as the Smart Highway. We consider sustainability to be a triad of economic, environmental and social aspects. We show this by organizing events such as the successful Eco Performance Award and by many other initiatives.

You Drive, We Care.


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