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Short lines between Visser Transporten and DKV Mobility

Visser Transporten, suppliers to the Royal Court of the Netherlands, consider themselves as DKV Mobility partner rather than customer. This Frisian family-run business attaches huge value to the relations they enjoy with their suppliers and customers. “When we first spoke with DKV we already sensed enthusiasm.”

Gjalt Visser and his brother Peter are the owners of Visser Transporten. As their grandfather (‘pake’ in Frisian) founded the firm in 1920, Visser Transporten became holder of a royal warrant last year. Gjalt: “Our pake started the business as a courier service. My father took over after the war. Until the nineteen-eighties he was a self-employed driver while my mother assisted him with the records and accounts.”

In 1987 Gjalt and Peter started expanding the business to its present size, a 42-employee haulage firm that operates 26 trucks mainly on the roads in the Benelux countries, Germany and Northern France. “We occasionally penetrate deeper into Europe, but not very often. Other activities are warehousing and sometimes removals.”

Visser Transporten came in touch with DKV at a fairly late stage. They had just transferred to another fuel card provider when they met with DKV’s Arjan Kleuver. “When he called on the firm we immediately sensed his enthusiasm.” While later on Kleuver changed functions at DKV, the cooperation with current account manager Pieter Nienhuis has been excellent as well, says Gjalt. “Selling products? Everyone can do that. But you won’t really find out about your relations until things go wrong. DKV is always by our side and the lines between us are really short. With DKV we have the feeling of being true partners in the sense of collaboration, not customer-wise. And it is precisely this type of relationship that we aim to achieve with our own customers.”

Until 2016 Visser used to buy fuel cards for their foreign refills only. “But our use expanded over the years,” says Gjalt. “The network of low-price Dutch and foreign stations has grown and grown. By now, fuel cards are no longer the only products Visser Transporten buys from DKV. “Now we also have the DKV BOX EUROPE for our toll transactions. This way we no longer need varying solutions, since all required services are included in just one box.” DKV moreover helps us with out foreign VAT and diesel duty refunding formalities. What it comes down to, is that Visser Transporten wants to accommodate as many services as possible with DKV Mobility. “The DKV online dashboard gives us a complete overview of all things relevant to us. Where our records & accounts once used to be highly fragmented, we now have a sharp overview and more time as a result of DKV’s proactive and solution-oriented approach.”

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