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What do we require from mobility service providers now?

Increased costs, mainly resulting from external influences in the present economic climate: hauliers both large and small are affected by them. Profitability, financially and in terms of speed, now demands continued mobility. As a haulier, you will undoubtedly have been pondering the question about what other possibilities you might have for keeping your drivers on the road as much as possible. And – maybe more important still – for keeping a check on your costs and records.

In our view there are a few requirements for providers of mobility services to comply with the demands of present-day hauliers. We have listed these crucial elements in order to give you a clear picture of the opportunities still in store for you, now and in the future!

1. Cost control; a crucial factor

Cost management forms a downright challenge to many haulage firms, especially under current economic conditions. Costs are steadily increasing, take for instance the recent rise in excise duties. This is another burden on hauliers’ profitability that cannot be considered apart from your other business operations. Reclaiming excise duties will therefore imply cost-cutting opportunities and may counterbalance these cost increases. Another possibility for you is to apply for refunding of foreign VAT on goods purchased abroad; a cost-reducing option that is essential for the service package offered by companies like yours.

2. Flexibility for your drivers and for yourself

Flexible operations will give you a competitive edge, thanks to the chances and opportunities they bring. No customer, after all, is the same, and neither are routes. Offering flexible packages will bring you as haulier exactly what you need for being and remaining distinctive. Using detailed online reporting tools will already bring you many advantages, but your drivers will also need to be able to determine customized routes quickly and efficiently by way of tools like route planner apps. In other words: ensure that you are giving your customers and drivers the flexibility they deserve!

3. Boosting your continuity

Would you like to prevent too many external factors from interfering with your company’s affairs and affecting your business processes? Your company needs services enabling its continuity without too much hassle. Consider for instance a full-service fuel card with additional service options like 24/7 truck service, tyre services, simple toll billing and so on. These are services that will provide your haulage firm the certainty of sustained, stable processes without an overkill in paperwork.

4. Removing the strain from operational processes

Do you wish to focus on your company’s targets and objectives, like a sales boost or expansion abroad? In that case you would not wish being bothered by your primary processes, so it is essential for you to relieve yourself from worry and care. Your provider may for instance simplify and streamline your records department and may reclaim the foreign VAT paid by your drivers. This will allow you more room for realising your objectives!

5. Last but not least; making your company stand out

Being in the business you are bound to work towards operational excellence; an objective that strongly depends on the quality of your own suppliers. In this respect, a full-service supplier will offer the possibilities for you to stand out among your competitors. These possibilities vary from full-service fuel cards and online reporting tools to VAT-refunding options and on board units.


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