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Remitrans opens new EFTCO cleaning station in Ninove

Brussels, 30 October 2017 – Haulage company Remitrans in the Belgian region of East-Flanders has opened a new EFTCO cleaning station at Pamelstraat, Ninove; its place of establishment. The station provides two lines, (a food line and a non-food line) for tanker cleaning, complemented by a separate line for external cleaning. This elaborate infrastructure makes Remitrans unique in the region. The truckwash facilities will be used for the company’s own vehicles but will also be accessible to third parties. DKV Euro Service ensures external users the possibility of easy payment by way of their DKV fuel card.

The cleaning station is certified by EFTCO, a non-profit organisation promoting reliable and environmentally-friendly services delivered by its members. The EFTCO certificate for the new Remitrans station in Ninove is a major trump card, as tank cleaning forms an essential part of its supply chain. Its certificate is a way for Remitrans to underline that the new service is performed by a professional and reliable market partner. EFTCO represents 510 tank cleaning companies in 22 European countries.

In fact, the cleaning station is opened in the year in which Remitrans celebrates its jubilee. The investment is intended to open up new markets and to generate new custom. Director Ronald Dedoncker explains: “This year is our 50th anniversary and we have seen several festivities already, but what tops it all is the opening of this company-owned cleaning station here at our Ninove site.” Remitrans was founded in 1967 by Remi Dedoncker, father of its current directors Ronald and Vanessa. The company has by now developed into a major player in the transport market. “We are a highly enterprising company. Over the years we have built up an excellent reputation for our service and reliability. Starting out on the basis of our experience and expertise we perceived an excellent potential for establishing our own cleaning station in this region. Apart from our own vehicles it will also be made available for vehicle cleaning by other users. By now, several major players in the region have already expressed their confidence, and we therefore expect seeing their trucks in our cleaning station before long.”

Gertjan Breij, Managing Director of DKV Euro Service Benelux: “We wish to congratulate Remitrans on this new, smart facility they have created. We are pleased that they have been considering involving DKV in this new challenge as well. Where Remitrans has already been using our fuel cards and toll services all over Europe, we really appreciate being allowed to play an important role for this cleaning station as well. Since third parties can settle their costs very simply and easily by way of DKV fuel cards, the paperwork involved in cleaning services is from then on restricted to a minimum. After all, apart from providing reliable mobility services we aim to guarantee our customers relief from strain by taking over their paperwork as much as possible.”

Remitrans initially expects to handle 20 trucks on a daily basis, up to a maximum of 40 per day. It took the company about a year to lay out the infrastructure and to acquire the necessary permits.

About Remitrans

 Remitrans was founded by Remi Dedoncker in the Belgian Pajottenland region in 1967. The company now owns 70 vehicles, 140 trailers and some 100 silo trucks. In the warehousing area, Remitrans provides nearly 100,000 square metres of storage space and considerable logistics services. Over the years, Remitrans has built up a strong reputation for its services and reliability and it can therefore count various important companies over a wide range of industries (construction, chemistry, beverages …) among its regular clientele.

The company acquired its VCA* certificate and was among the pioneers in GMP certification of cattle feed transport. As Remitrans is very active in the human consumption area, the company is also aware of the need to comply with the strict conditions imposed by the ISO 22000 standards, which also cover the HACCP regulations. The company has moreover acquired the KIWA ATD attestation for transport of drinking water chemicals and last not least received the SQAS predicate for transport, including cleaning.

DKV Euro Service

DKV Euro Service has been one of the most prominent service providers in commercial road transport and logistics for over 80 years. Ranging from cash-free service and care en route at more than 60,000 multi-brand acceptance points to tolls settlement and VAT-refunding, DKV provides countless services for cost optimisation and effective fleet management on Europe’s roads. DKV is part of DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group, which employs over 800 staff and is represented in 42 countries. In 2015 the group realised sales in the amount of 5.8 billion euro. Currently 2.5 million DKV CARDS and on-board units are being used by over 120,000 customers. In 2016 the DKV Card was awarded the Best Brand predicate in the fuel and service cards category for the twelfth time in succession.


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