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More real-time fuel price information available

Market transparency for fuels is no longer just a German phenomenon

DKV customers and DKV APP users now have access to the current fuel price information from the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. The price information is similar to that issued by the German Federal Cartel Office’s Market Transparency Unit for Fuels.

The information accessed by the DKV APP is also available in the route-planning application DKV MAPS. “For a long time, market transparency for fuels was a purely German phenomenon,” points out Sven Mehringer, Director of Product Management at DKV Euro Service. “Now several other European states are demanding more price transparency from the oil companies and are making this information available to the public.”

By the end of 2016, price information from Italy, Portugal and Spain will be accessible. Whether this price transparency has any influence on general fuelling behaviour or results in price changes during the course of a day remains to be seen. “We will be observing any trends very carefully and informing our customers accordingly,” says Sven Mehringer.

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