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Legally compliant through France

DKV helps you handle your proof of minimum wage formalities

The Loi Macron law took effect on 23/07/2016, the French government requires that foreign, non-self-employed truck drivers whose transports start or end in France carry with them proof (deployment form) that they are in receipt of the French minimum wage. Furthermore, every company that sends drivers to France needs a French authorised representative. DKV Euro Service now helps its customers fill in these application forms and provides an authorised representative who represents DKV customers in France.

The deployment form must be filled in by every driver who crosses the border from and to France and who is involved in cabotage transport. This does not affect transit traffic. The driver must have a paper copy of the deployment form with him in the vehicle. Further copies (physical or digital) must be deposited with the authorised representative in France and with the company that employs the driver. The driver must also carry with him a copy of his employment contract and proof of salary payment.

DKV customers can obtain further information from their personal DKV contact person.


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