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Operating Lean whilst Operating Green

The transportation sector contributes roughly 22 percent of global CO2 emissions and about 19 percent of emissions of black carbon: a powerful climate forcer with significant adverse health impacts. Companies are increasingly concerned about the impact of their operations on the environment, but it can be difficult to balance environmental benefit with cost and efficiency.

Many governments, as well as the United Nations, are setting up or supporting programs in order to make the transportation and logistics industry more sustainable, such as the Global Green Freight Action Plan, Green Freight Europe and the Dutch stimulation program ‘Lean and Green’. For DKV Euro Service, both ‘lean’ and ‘green’ are high on our agenda. After all, it is our goal to ensure our customers can operate as efficiently as possible. In addition to this we strongly believe in a greener future for our industry.

Operating lean means a focus on improving profitability by eliminating waste. Many transportation companies are investing in for example route planning, payload maximisation and empty running minimisation. At DKV Euro Service we support our customers with a range of solutions to further enable a lean operation. Not only because of the fact that DKV offers clients ‘one contract and one invoice’ for all their toll costs, we also offer route planning modules and a VAT-refund system to maximize efficiency. We also believe that the introduction of EETS – with as part of this introduction the one uniform toll box for Europe, will further enable our customers to operate leaner.

A green operation means considering the environment in all business strategies. More and more often, companies base their decision for suppliers (partially) on their Social Corporate Responsibility strategy, as it reflects on them as well. The most obvious concern for the transportation industry is the reduction of CO2 emissions. There should be a focus on elimination besides compensating these emissions. Taking responsibility for the people and the planet around us is what counts. DKV offers its customers the DKV CARD CLIMATE. This is DKV’s climate neutral fuel card, allowing your fleet to drive 100 percent CO2-neutral. DKV Euro Service cooperates with myclimate to provide you with a certificate to display the commitment outwardly while myclimate invests an additional amount into certified climate protection projects.

Reward system
To ensure the input is rewarded, many different initiatives are available. In the Netherlands there is Lean and Green, a reward system that shows that the organization is actively engaged in making their logistics and mobility processes more sustainable, which is something to be proud of! Another initiative that is available throughout Europe is Green Freight Europe, that recognises companies that demonstrate leadership in green freight practices for the road freight supply chain.

A lean and green strategy does not only benefit the environment, it also highly benefits the organization. Improved profitability and a competitive advantage will eventually lead to operational excellence. All while taking responsibility for our planet. Now, what are you waiting for?

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