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Keeping truck drivers safe

Due to the increased amount of international truck drivers, more strain is put on the truck stops for overnight stays and stayovers during the weekends. These truck drivers are far away from home and rely more on the services on the road. Truck stops do not have the capacity to accommodate and keep safe both foreign and local truck drivers. A joint responsibility of both the government and the industry, we would say.

Service stations need to be well lit and secured in order to create a safe environment for both male and female truck drivers. Safe truck stops are part of the popularity of an industrial area which is again important for local business. But however well equipped, the service stations do not have the capacity for all the trucks, which can result in unsafe situations due to them being overcrowded. . To keep both the cargo and the driver safe is essential to the shipper, carrier and insurer and therefor a joint responsibility.

DKV has conducted a small research in the sector to find out what the wishes are for a good truck stop. The top three answers are below and the full article can be read on our blog.

1.Truck drivers want space, lots of free spaces. Preferably leveled






2. Delicious food is one another big priority.




3. A beautiful smile can help to forget a rough day. In the top 3: friendly personnel!





To contribute to safe overnight stays, DKV Euro Service has several tools in place. In addition to the fuel station network, DKV and partners have a safe truck station network in place that is being expanded continuously. These stations are guarded, have video surveillance and can be paid with the DKV CARD or DKV BOX. DKV MAPS will always guide you to the station with the services you need at that moment. Hopefully you never have to use it, but with the DKV ASSIST emergency service, help is always close by. All tools can be found in the comprehensive DKV Cockpit.

Creating enough and safe truck stops creates a safe working environment for the truck driver. So much is clear. But there is more to it. Safe truck stops increase the popularity of an industrial area, which is good for business. That is a win-win situation. DKV is always working on ways to ensure compliance and therefor developed an extensive service network with support via online tools and DKV ASSIST, which provides help around the clock.

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