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How to keep a firm grip on your fleet?

Apart from desirable, the efficient use and deployment of your fleet is necessary if you want to retain your profits. But how to uphold your grip on your fleet; how can you urge on your people to work efficiently?

Effective use of your personnel

Your drivers are a crucial asset to your company. After all, they are the driving force behind successful business operations. So it is very important to consider your drivers’ options as well as the possibilities offered by your fleet. Would you, for instance, like to find out about the refuelling locations of your drivers and their route planning, if they do so themselves? You could offer your drivers the possibility to participate by giving them a high-quality routeplanner app for Android en iOS, with which they can plan their most cost-efficient route. This will also enable your drivers to find out about the cheapest fuel stations along their routes and will contribute to a better grip on your fleet, both for your people and for yourself.DKV_Buddy_small

Clearer insight into your fleet

Offering options to your people is very important, both on the road and in the office. Another crucial factor is improved insight in the processes of billing and expenditure if you want to keep a good grip on your fleet and expenses. Transparent invoicing may lead to quicker handling and interfering, should this be required, and will have cost-saving effects. There are, for instance multiple possibilities for haulage contractors to upload digital invoices or transaction records into their TMS package. If you utilize billing services effectively, this may result in better insight and overview. Although it is important for you to realise that a powerful and suitable administration key is indispensable if you want to have (or retain) a grip on your fleet, make sure that you do not forget the options you can offer your people!

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