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Info Crit’Air Vignette

Main principles:

  • A new environmental sticker based system was introduced in France on July 1, 2016 in the course of the introduction of the new environmental laws, the so called „Crit‘Air clean sticker or „clean air certificate”
  • At the same time so called low emission zones, „Zones à Circulation Restrainte/ZCR” which limit the traffic flows into these zones, were set up. Only vehicles equipped with this sticker are allowed to enter the ZCR.
  • Each city is currently in a position to register as ZCR and to make the emission sticker mandatory to enter the zones. The city will set up road signs to inform about entry zones and respective admission time table.
  • The following cities have made the clean air sticker mandatory so far: Paris (since 01/15/2017), Lyon, Villeurbanne and Grenoble (12/2016). More cities will introduce the sticker in the following months: Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lille etc.

Crit‘Air Sticker:

  • The clean sticker is mandatory for all – national and international – vehicles, incl. trucks, buses, passenger cars.
  • There are 6 sticker categories, each subject to the Euro class, age and motorization of the vehicle.
  • The Crit‘Air sticker will be attached to the window screen; it is valid until its illegibility

How to order and pay the emission sticker?

  • For vehicles registered in FR: the clean sticker can be ordered online and via post, requiring the entry of vehicle registration data; it will be send by post, Link:
  • For vehicles not registered in FR: the order process of the clean sticker will start on 02/01/2017
  • The air sticker will cost 3,70 EUR + postage (in total 4,18 EUR for delivery in France).
  • Payment: via credit and Maestro card, service cards, e.g. DKV card not accepted as means of payment yet.
  • DKV has started talks with the French Environmental Ministery to accept the DKV card as means of payment for the clean sticker.


  • 135 Euro for trucks and 68 Euro for passenger cars


  • During transition period, i. e. until you receive your Crit‘Air clean sticker we recommend to take along the following documents in your vehicle in case of police controls:
    • Vehicle registration documents and, if available, a copy of a multi-lingual translation of the ECMT Certificate
    • A copy of the order/invoice of the Crit‘Air emission sticker
    • Please be careful, not to buy the clean sticker at overpriced rates.

Further information:

  • Links to the official website of the Environmental Ministery: (unfortunately only in French):
    • Homepage Crit‘Air:
    • Link to order the clean sticker (for vehicles registered in FR): online and via mail:
    • FAQ:
    • Determination of sticker category:

Categories of the Crit’Air Vignette:



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