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Influences on the diesel price in Germany

When you are fuelling in Germany, you need to take several factors into account. These factors can have an influence on the diesel price, you can find more information in this article.

Price difference morning, noon and night.

In Germany, fuel prices vary along with the time of day. Prices are highest around midnight and until 9 a.m., after which they tend to drop until 22:00 hrs. So, fuelling later in the day will undoubtedly be an advantage to fleet operators who fuel in Germany.

This graphic shows the fluctuations in the fuel price in Germany during the day (click to enlarge):






Pump price and variable pump price

The second factor that you need to take into account is the pump price and the variable pump price. These terms are also mentioned in the financial offer and are applicable to the offered discounts in Germany.

Pump price

The pump price is the price that is displayed at the fuel station. The price depends on the country, the region, the strategic location of the site and the brand. The pump price that applied at the time of fuelling is transmitted to the DKV systems and invoiced with the next billing run.

Variable pump price

The variable pump price is set for 14 days and can therefore differ from the pump price, invoicing takes place based on the variable pump price. These stations differentiate themselves due to their low set prices. The price is set every 14 days and is valid 24/7-14 days a week: no fluctuating prices not even during the night or the day.

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