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Excise duty increases; find out how to improve your companies liquidity!

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As of the 1st of November the excise duty in Belgium will be raised periodically until 12-12-2015. You may already have noticed the first increase of € 0,002 per liter. Have a look at the table below to see how much the excise duty increases:

Accijnsverhoging België
Tot 01.11.2015 € 0.0790
Tot 20.11.2015 € 0.0856
Tot 04.12.2015 € 0.0993
Tot 12.12.2015 € 0.1123   

This raise in duty can have an effect on your companies liquidity.

With this handy calculator you can immediately see what impact this increase has on your costs! All you have to do is fill in the amount of liters and view results.

The numbers are based on the eventual amount per 12.12.2015, and the before situation is based on the price prior to the raise in 01.11.2015.

How to increase your companies liquidity

With our REFUND service claiming your VAT and excise duty will be handled by experts. This makes you able to focus on your core business. Interested to see what this can do for your company? Go to our website!


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