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In spite of diesel price low: DKV Group achieves record result

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Good news for transport companies and DKV! The diesel prices in 2015 was about 12% below the level of the previous year because of global oversupply. This is good news for logistic and transport companies because low diesel prices equal lower costs. Despite these low diesel prices DKV has had the most successful year in 80 years! This resulted into a 5.8 billion EUR sales for 2015.

Compensation made for lower diesel price

The DKV Group was able to compensate for this turn of events by integrating further country tolls (including in Russia), successfully establishing the NOVOFLEET card in the car fleet segment and expanding the Europe-wide supply network into Eurasia. Much effort was put into improving efficiency: at REMOBIS, which takes responsibility for VAT refunds for haulage firms within the Group, the time taken for refunds to be received has been halved on average across Europe.

A focus on personalized advice and customer satisfaction

Constant attention for consultancy and customer satisfaction are a key focus for us, a steady cooperation and relationship with the customer is what matters. Every customer receives personalized advice from a dedicated contact person. “We have customers who have relied on our services for over 40 years,” says Managing Director Dr. Alexander Hufnagl. “According to a customer survey, which we have an independent market research institute carry out for us once a year, two-thirds of our customers see us as better than our competitors. 70.8% would recommend us to others.”

Business year 2016: DKV Group aims for consistent and profitable growth

In order to meet future challenges such as the integration of further European tolls, the consistent further development of our invoicing infrastructure and the entry into new business fields, the DKV Group intends to create up to 100 new jobs in 2016 in the areas of customer service, IT, product management, marketing and sales, taking its total number of employees in Europe to around 880.

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