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High savings on international journeys!

DKV offers a combined fuel and VAT refund service

Transport companies making journeys throughout Europe face a complex purchasing situation: diesel net prices, VAT and fuel excise duty rates as well as the level of refundable international tax payments all vary widely. However, if you make sure your purchasing concept takes these issues into consideration, you can definitely save money. For transporters who wish to increase their potential savings, DKV offers the possibility of combining refueling abroad with VAT and fuel excise duty refunds.

DKV has two variants for obtaining refunds: the first involves the standard refund for 28 European countries. With this variant, the waiting time for refunds depends on the authorities. To reduce the time for the refund to take place, DKV also offers an immediate refund procedure (Net Invoicing Program) for most European countries. Here the customer receives the international VAT with the same DKV invoice as the provided VAT service.

VAT Refund






DKV Euro Service takes the full handling of your VAT refund applications out of your hands, even including VAT on invoices not originating from DKV, by way of:

  • Automated processes and complete handling of the bureaucratic effort by experts versed in the language concerned
  • Instant acceptance of DKV invoices by all European tax authorities (exception: specific new EU member nations)
  • Permanent access to all records, including automatic data filing and extraction via DKV eREPORTING.


Intelligent full-service, full costs transparency and no hidden cost factors, including a unique cost airbag.

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