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First requirement: fuel card. But how to select the card that fits your company?

The fuel card: no longer to be ignored in the world of transport and logistics. But how to choose a card that fits your company amidst the jungle of fuel cards and fuel card providers?

There are a great many reasons to be found for using a fuel card. If you are you planning to start using, or resume using a fuel card shortly, it may be important for you to ask yourself a few questions in advance. First and foremost it is important for you to define and establish some factors relating to your company, like: where will you be using your fuel card? What products and services would you wish to use your card for? To what extent would you wish for your records department to gain by using fuel cards? Apart from these internal factors, it is also important for you to weigh and consider fuel card providers. What are the applicable fees?  What are the security options integrated in the card? In what way will the card affect your cash flow? What are the additional services included?

Although, when in search for a suitable provider you will find many of them coming up with numerous positive aspects and points, they will in most cases give proof of an overall package lacking the advantages that would benefit you individually.

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Below you will find some tips enabling you to form a better estimate of your possibilities. They are:

1.       Network and fuel station coverage

The coverage of your network is extremely important for you. So choose the fuel card that includes all countries and areas that apply to your firm. This will assure you all the advantages your fuel card could offer you.

2.       Fuel prices on offer

There are a great many payment options, most of them geared to the size of your company. On top of this, various card providers will offer fuel price discounts. It is important for you to request card providers to state the various options, as this might, after all, secure you great benefit.

3.       Online services

Current conditions require innovative online services to make your daily work simpler and more efficient, keeping you conscious of cost control and in-house flexibility. So does your envisaged card provider furnish online services like a route planner and mobile application? These will make you prepared for the future after all!

4.       Reports

Uniform, transparent reports are a regular must for any company engaged in transport and logistics. No overview of work and fleet will be attained without proper reporting. You will benefit greatly if you use a fuel card equipped with reporting tools. Consider for instance 24/7 insight into your fleet and all your purchases and transactions specified in one and the same invoice.

5.       Security

Go for security and choose a fuel card secured by a pin code. As you can select your own code, you will find it easy to remember it. Apart from the notion of security that your drivers will get by using a fuel card, a secured fuel card will give your company the security required by you.

6.       Additional (online) services

Additional services may contribute towards operational excellence. Consider, in this respect , VAT refunding services, tolls service, customs clearance services or 24-h truck service. So choose a fuel card comprising an overall package!

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