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How to excel!

Would you like to stand out in your professional sector? Although this is familiar to many of us, it is not always attainable, for a number of reasons. Together with ING bank, TLN, umbrella organisation for Dutch road transport, recently published a report on ’Entrepreneurship in Transport and Logistics’. This report provided a clear picture of the requirements for companies under current market conditions to realise the most effective management and the tools needed to arrive at optimal strategy, leadership and controlling information. The conclusion drawn by this report highlights the interest of adequate controlling information for timely adjustment of business processes and identification of points for improvement in the logistic processes. To make things easier for you, we hereby propose a few examples which we think may help you stand out in a simple way and support you in your business operations.

1.     Simplify your billing system

Present-day business is often characterised by paperwork piling up, resulting in poor insight and overview. Simplifying your records by way of a billing service is a possibility for getting a simple, transparent overview of your current records and fleet at less administration cost. 

2.     Customer is king

Your drivers are on the road day-in-day-out, but what about breakdowns? Costs for towing, salvaging and repair are high and mean loss of time. A 24-hr service is a good way for bringing certainty to your people on the road and will in the end save considerable costs. Even more important, your customer need not wait unnecessarily long for his shipment. This means instant improvement of the quality you offer and makes you excel in your operational processes!

3.     All-in route planner

 A powerful route planner will show you and your drivers the quickest and most cost-efficient route to your customer. A simple way of saving fuel costs and serving your customers in good time.

 4.     Ensure flexibility in your organisation

Obviously you like to keep proper control of the lines and processes in your organisation, but you may also employ mobility services to give your business the required degree of flexibility, which will make you well-prepared and able to anticipate the many variables involved in road transport.

You drive, we care!




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